As a Software house we are able to develop all types of applications, including but not limited to:
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Server Applications

We have vast experience in the market and meticulously follow the newest technologies and trends, continuously expanding our knowledge base, thus improving our services.

Web Applications

The speed and quality of the web browsing are essential to the users; nobody wants an unresponsive web page. We realize your ideas and provide quality web applications, fast, responsive and secure, to improve your web experience. Our expertise is represented in the successfully developed e-shops, e-booking sites, back-end connectors and much more. Be it a big corporation or a new start-up, we can deliver products to the highest standard.

Mobile Applications

Smartphones have already been integrated in our daily lives. But the beauty in these tools, are the applications that make life easier. We develop innovative, high quality applications for small businesses to large corporations across various industries for an array of mobile platforms. Our applications are tailored to your needs, they are fast, reliable and user friendly.
Supported platforms:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows 10

Desktop Applications

We have extensive knowledge base and experience in developing bespoke desktop applications. All applications can be made cross platform and customized as per client requirements. We involve our client and provide consultation for the best practices and tools. We cooperate throughout the development phase to provide the solution requested.
Supported platforms:
  • Windows
  • OSX (Apple)
  • Linux

Server Applications

We take pride in our applications thus when developing a complete system we develop our own server application. All our solutions are made in house and customers get the complete solution as requested.
For example CYMACOM communications server application was developed in house using JAVA in combination with TCP/IP sockets. We secure it by having a transport encryption to protect client to server, encryption from server to server and high encryption.

“We believe in individuality and treat each customer with value; our work is the proof of that.” Georgios Tsakalides (Key account & Consulting, CYMANET)