CYMATRACE is our secure solution to tracking and tracing individuals, objects, vehicles, fleet control and much more. Our user friendly, functional, SW supports over 80 different HW solutions from reputable and well-established providers. With CYMATRACE we have approached the problem from a completely different angle and are therefore able to address even the most complicated requests.

We provide technology solutions from GPS by GSM/GPRS to Iridium and Satellite messaging and telephony. Each solution is customized to the needs of the client and can be automated for increased efficiency.


Main Features:
  • Real-time GPS/GSM tracking
  • Alarm notifications (email, SMS or automated telephone call)
  • Web based application (multi-language)
  • Supports Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Emergency button and emergency dialing*
  • Fleet management (ignition status, speed, stops etc)
  • Inputs and Outputs for sensors
  • Man down (fall) detection
  • much more


We have trust in our products and therefore we do not require long term contracts. Our customers have the right to cancel their subscription from the first day to the last day of the month without extra charges.